Data Center Solutions

Infrastructure world class to suport your business growth.


Robust and flexible solutions to interconnect your business.

Cloud Connect

Direct connection with the largest cloud providers in the world.

World-class infrastructure

Ascenty is the leader in Data Center infrastructure. All of its data centers offer international Tier III certification and are connected by an extensive, dedicated fiber-optic network, assuring high capacity connections between its sites and the world’s main global cloud providers. Coverage is another key factor: you choose your Data Center based on which site is most strategically located for your company, guaranteeing business continuity and security.



Ascenty offers 100% infrastructure availability. This guarantees your IT environment is always available. This is not just a promise: this is a contractual guarantee set out in our SLA (service level agreement).

Chosen by the
world's largest technology companies

The world’s largest technology companies have selected Ascenty to be their data center partner. We have been chosen because we offer world-class infrastructure, superior customer service and a dedicated, high-capacity fiber-optic network.

and agility

Our largest competitive advantage is our customer service. Ascenty does not sell standard solutions. Our solutions are tailor-made for each client. Everything is highly dynamic, because your business has no time to lose.

5 years as market leader

Our recipe for success is a simple one: We offer superior customer support that matches with our clients’ requirements. The Ascenty team’s everyday philosophy is based around flawless customer service. We truly believe that our clients’ satisfaction is the key to our future success. We have grown significantly in such a short time because of this approach to customer service. After we opened our first Data Center in 2012, another seven data centers have been commissioned, with plans to launch another six data centers within the next year and continual expansion of our fiber-optic network, which is already over 4.500 km. Since we began our operations, we have gained the trust of many highly demanding and globally recognized companies that now rely on Ascenty to support their businesses. Be a part of this story.