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Ascenty announces its eighth Data Center and first in Rio de Janeiro

Ascenty announces its eighth Data Center and first in Rio de Janeiro

Iniciamos a operação do nosso oitavo Data Center no Rio de Janeiro.

New data center scheduled to open in Q4 2017 with a US$50mm investment

Ascenty, the market leader in Data Center solutions in Brazil, announces the construction of its eighth facility to supply the growing demand in the Rio de Janeiro area. The operations in the new infrastructure is planned to start in the fourth quarter of 2017.


“The Rio de Janeiro market plays a strategic role in Ascenty’s expansion plans. Large companies operate in that area and some of our current customers have interest in this market. We are in the early stages of construction and plan on commissioning this site in 2017,” said Roberto Rio Branco, Commercial, Institutional and Marketing Director at Ascenty.


Operating for over six years, the company provides high density colocation, hosting, cloud computing, security, connectivity and managed services. The solutions offered by the company are intended to boost its customers’ efficiency in their core businesses and also reduce costs.


High quality infrastructure and service, international certifications and efficient service provision are the differential advantages that Ascenty solutions offer. All of the company’s data centers have been certifed Tier III from the Uptime Institute, which is the most important recognition in the industry. In addition, the company has all of the main quality and security certifications.


World Class infrastructure combined with outstanding customers service makes Ascenty the number one choice of the leading global technology companies for data center services. “We prioritize excellence and efficiency in customer service, so our employees have a keen analytical business vision, providing great customer service, problem solving solutions, and prompt responses on a daily basis,” added Roberto Rio Branco.


Fact Sheet


Planned for a total output of 15 MW.
Tri-bus redundancy system (three power lines servicing each data hall).
Diesel-powered generation system in an N+3 configuration.
Three diesel tanks that provide the generators with a 48 hours fuel autonomy without refueling.
PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.7.

Cold water system with high performance air chillers using a Rapid Restore system in a N+2 redundancy.
System equipped with mechanical equipment in technical maintenance corridors operating in N+2 configuration.
Airflow using a raised floor of 1 meter.
Cooling capacity of 2800 TR.


Complete 24/7 CCTV monitoring with high-definition automatic movement detection, digital recording and images stored for more than 90 days.
Dual authentication for access control, with biometric and magnetic card access.
Company run on-site security and monitoring team 24/7.
Equipped with a fire detection system using Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA).
Fire suppression system with environmentally-friendly Ecaro 25 gas.

Excellent connectivity with the company’s proprietary fiber network as well as major telecom operators in the region.
Multiple underground fiber-optic redundant entry points.
Two telecom rooms (MMR – Meet Me Rooms).
Direct connection with IXP (Internet Exchange Point)