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Ascenty announces results of partnership with Oracle and Tsys at Gartner Conference

Ascenty announces results of partnership with Oracle and Tsys at Gartner Conference

Ascenty, the leading data center company focused on the Latin American market, will attend the 2019 Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference on April 24 and 25, in São Paulo. The company will present two success cases, with Oracle and Tsys, during a lecture held on April 24 (Wednesday) at 11 a.m. about cloud data hosting and connectivity trends.

Ascenty’s partnership with Oracle covers dedicated and private access to the Oracle Cloud through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect. Integrated to Ascenty’s network, the platform delivers high-capacity connections (100 Mbps to 100 Gbps) and low latency, allowing Oracle’s clients to access their data and applications on the cloud from Latin America, through a secure and reliable system.

According to Weligton Pinto, Oracle’s Solution Engineering Director, “Ascenty’s connection ensures superior performance, advanced control, flexibility and scalability to access each client’s critical functions and data, besides enabling a multicloud approach by connecting Brazil’s major cloud providers to the Oracle Cloud at a low latency and high throughput. Besides connecting clients hosted in Ascenty’s data center, the main benefit is that we can also interconnect any other physical environment through the company’s dedicated fiber-optic network, either at the Client or in most Data Centers working with Market Colocations.”

TSYS, in turn, migrated its primary and secondary data centers to Ascenty’s infrastructure, interconnecting its environments through the company’s connectivity services. This generated the scalability the electronic payment processing company needed to keep up with its business expansion and enhance operational efficiency by working with a world-class data center.

“Migrating our environments to Ascenty’s infrastructure was the most assertive choice in terms of cost savings and quality of service,” said Marcelo Zaniboni, Director of Infrastructure & Operations at TSYS. “Ascenty gave us the infrastructure we needed, while the added connectivity service was crucial, because besides generating significant gains in terms of process efficiency, it also allows us to interconnect with all of our clients in an easy, direct and secure manner, in line with our ‘Colo near Cloud’ strategy,” he said.

For Marcos Siqueira, Ascenty’s VP of Operations, “being able to present these success stories with such important and renowned clients like Oracle and Tsys is proof that Ascenty’s investment in the Brazilian market was the right choice to meet clients’ needs. We are pleased and honored to help our clients expand their business strategies and we are motivated to keep expanding our own operations in order to deliver high quality and added value services and solutions.”

Since launching its first data center in Brazil in 2012, Ascenty has made significant investments to build new centers in the country. It currently has eight data centers in operation and nine more under construction, in addition to a dedicated fiber-optic network that spans more than 4,500 kilometers. As a next step, the company plans to expand its operations in Latin America.