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Ascenty discusses Risk Management

Ascenty discusses Risk Management

Ascenty discute Gestão de Risco no ambiente de TI em evento com Canal Gruppen

In Porto Alegre, the company addressed the main challenges faced by the segment.

Ascenty gave a lecture during the Confroupia Gruppen, an important event held in Porto Alegre by the company Gruppen - Ascenty Channel in the region. Company spokespersons talked about how companies can risk management in the IT environment and what measures should be taken to make them safer.

Ascenty's participation strengthened the partnership between the two companies and showed the company's strong presence in the South region. "We believe the region has great potential and our solutions can certainly serve this market," says Roberto Rio Branco, Commercial and Institutional Director and Marketing. "During the speech we highlight the solutions of Ascenty to guarantee the security in a fundamental environment for the operation of the companies".

From an analysis of each company's systems, Ascenty professionals highlight the key vulnerabilities of companies. "A lot of the problems in IT environments start from four factors: the lack of equipment in case of a failure, the recovery of lost data, physical fragility and logical fragility," explains Felipe Bortoli, architecture and solutions specialist.

Ascenty, which in only six years on the market already has four data centers in operation, presented flexible and scalable solutions with cost optimization, backed by a quality infrastructure. The company has been guiding its clients to make an adequate investment in IT, taking into account this moment of economic and political challenges.