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Ascenty drives business for DataSafer with high-quality infrastructure and service scalability

Ascenty drives business for DataSafer with high-quality infrastructure and service scalability

Ascenty drives business for DataSafer with high-quality infrastructure and service scalability

Partnership of five-plus years provides continuous growth for company’s cloud backup and storage revenues

São Paulo, January 2019 – Ascenty, a leading data center company with a focus on Latin America, announces the positive results from its five-plus-year alliance with DataSafer, a company focused on cloud backup and storage solutions. The agreement, which contemplates colocation services to host DataSafer’s data environment within Ascenty’s infrastructure, has boosted the company’s growth in Brazil and set the benchmark for service quality in the country.

The deal was signed in mid-2013, when DataSafer, which had just recently entered the Brazilian market, was faced the challenge of building its own high-quality cloud infrastructure (as well as those provided by major cloud providers) with limited financial resources available to launch the project. Ascenty entered into the strategic partnership to offer competitively priced world-class data center infrastructure services certified by leading third-party institutions, helping the company strengthen its position in the cloud industry.

“DataSafer developed within Ascenty. We were a newly created company with no history or references, and yet we were served with excellence, from pre-sale all the way to project deployment,” said Walber Castro, founding partner of DataSafer. “Our choice of Ascenty as a partner was certainly influenced by the strong relationship we were able to establish with their executives, which we saw as a unique advantage,” he adds.

The flexibility to expand the hosting environment quickly and gradually was another key factor in sustaining DataSafer’s growth in the market. In addition, Ascenty has also boosted DataSafer’s business by recommending its services to new customers, who can purchase the company’s solutions through a cross connect that provides direct, fast and secure access to the cloud backup environment hosted in its data center.

“Our DNA as a company specializing in data center and connectivity infrastructure solutions allows us to work together with our customers, offering complementary services and developing collaborative projects, since we do not compete in any vertical segments. Helping DataSafer grow and supporting its business is a source of pride for the entire Ascenty staff,” said Marcos Siqueira, Ascenty operations director.

“We believe that any company whose core business depends on a reliable and highly available data center infrastructure to sell its services should choose outsourcing, because it something that requires significant initial investment, as well as constant maintenance on multiple fronts, including engineering, physical and asset security, network operations center (NOC), and many more,” says Walber Castro.

Recent data from Frost & Sullivan show that the cloud computing industry continues to experience uninterrupted growth. Public cloud revenues will grow approximately 37 percent in 2019, while the data center outsourcing market will expand 10 percent, with the colocation segment growing well above average.

Since launching its first data center in Brazil in 2012, Ascenty has made significant investments to build new centers in the country. It currently has eight data centers in operation and eight more under construction, in addition to a dedicated fiber-optic network that spans more than 4,500 kilometers. As a next step, the company plans to expand its operations in Latin America.