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Cogent chooses Ascenty to expand its high-speed internet services throughout Brazil

Cogent chooses Ascenty to expand its high-speed internet services throughout Brazil

Ascenty, Latin American’s leading data center company – with 22 proprietary data centers in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, of which 15 are in operation and seven under construction –, announced that it has secured a new customer and partner: Cogent, a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider (ISP) headquartered in Washington, USA.

Regarded as one of the top five backbones worldwide, Cogent delivers internet services in 207 markets and 47 countries worldwide. By partnering with Ascenty, both companies will be able to expand their presence, providing low-latency internet services, as well as a variety of international content through Cogent’s Backbone.

Allocated at Ascenty’s data center campus in São Paulo, Cogent now provides dedicated Internet access to corporate customers, carriers, and service, app and content providers. In turn, Ascenty will widen its reach and add diversity to its Network Access Point (NAP), a complete ecosystem consisting of connectivity and access to the main carriers, providers and content spread across the world, in addition to expand connections in its proprietary 4,500 km fiber-optic network, which connects all of its operating data centers.

“Based on the needs of our customers, who wanted to expand their operations throughout Brazil, especially in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, we reached out to Ascenty for the world-class excellence of its Tier 3 carrier neutral data centers,” said Vincent Teissier, Chief Marketing Officer at Cogent.

To Ascenty, the partnership increases the company’s global service and content offering. “With over 207 markets covered and 88,000 connections with customers worldwide, Cogent provides us with countless possibilities of content delivery and new business opportunities globally,” highlighted João Walter, Products and Solutions Manager at Ascenty. The executive also said that “through Ascenty’s connectivity ecosystem, customer connections can easily reach Cogent’s environment, in which customers can acquire the international IP service and the other services provided by Cogent.”

By entering into a long-term partnership, the companies are casting a vote of confidence in the Brazilian market.