Vianet Telecom

Due to its accelerated growth, Vianet Telecom started having issues with its internal infrastructure, and so it started looking for a data center to migrate its environment. The key requirement is that it should focus on the company’s core business: telecom solutions.


With over 70 years of experience in the field of automotive services, including tires, brakes, shock absorbers, lubricants, batteries, suspension and others, DPaschoal is a market leader with a continued focus on serving its customers.

Business challenge

After an internal restructuring, DPaschoal saw the opportunity to refurbish its IT environment, which until then was operated in-house. The company was looking for a partner that could meet all of its demands for a world-class environment.


With Colocation solutions at two different Ascenty data centers, combined with the Connectivity provided by our own optical fiber, we keep DPaschoal’s IT infrastructure up and running.

We have the production environment and the disaster environment (DR) connected through a dedicated L2L link, which also connects the company’s headquarters. There is also a Cloud Connect connection, which physically and directly interconnects the DPaschoal Azure cloud environment.

In addition, Cross Connection allows DPaschoal to connect directly with other Ascenty customers, contributing to the development of the business.


With all this change in its IT environment, DPaschoal now has a much more secure and scalable environment, without having to worry about the maintenance that a data center requires. In addition, the company has increased the possibilities of connecting with other important players in Ascenty’s data centers.


“We place great trust in the company, which, in addition to the data center solution, also offers a fiber optic network to connect our customers. Everything related to facility access control (physical security), electricity and air conditioning is managed by Ascenty, which brings great peace of mind. We are very satisfied because we haven’t had any issues since we started our partnership.”

Marcos Ap. de Lima – Infrastructure and Information Security Manager


Marabraz is a retail chain specialized in furniture and decoration, featuring the top brands in the market. The company has stores spread across Brazil, and also operates an e-commerce channel.

Business challenge

Marabraz needed to migrate its on-premise environment to the cloud, and the biggest challenge was to have a direct, secure and fast connection with that environment.


With Ascenty’s cloud connect solution, we connected the client’s office to their entire Oracle cloud environment. Through a lan-to-lan link, Marabraz has direct and dedicated access to its cloud environment.


Marabraz has a flexible and scalable environment in the Oracle cloud. In addition, the company relies on maximum security and the lowest latency in the market to connect this environment. According to Gartner, 75% of enterprises will have adopted hybrid or multi-cloud solutions by 2021.


“We chose Ascenty mainly because of their excellent structure, which has been demonstrated during their visits, and because of the trust that their large customers have placed on them. Some of their key differentials include service stability, flexibility and the assurance of a hassle-free handling of issues that demand agility. They really offer superior service, especially when it comes to escalating all the way up to the CEO. This shows how it is a serious company, committed to the success of its clients.”

Gerson Nascimento Junior – IT Infrastructure Manager

MD Systems

For over 20 years, MD Systems has worked to integrate cloud and security solutions. The company has offices strategically located in São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro.

Business challenge

MD Systems needed to guarantee uptime for its customers, making sure they were in a reliable and redundant infrastructure.


With our colocation and connectivity solutions, we guarantee the high-availability environment that MD Systems needed to offer its customers.

The company enjoys all the benefits of a world-class infrastructure, without worrying about the details of operating the data center, such as generators, power, security, certifications. And this was all made possible by the Ascenty staff!


With all of the infrastructure provided by Ascenty, MD Systems was able to focus on its business without competing with Ascenty. Each company was able to direct its efforts towards its strength.

MD Systems customers also gained 100% uptime and scalability to grow, as well as the assurance of a redundant environment.


“Ascenty presented us a flexible business model, in addition to the best Data Center infrastructure that we had the opportunity to visit. And we are even more satisfied because of their staff, who are very attentive and always willing to help develop projects that meet our actual needs.”

Vicente Moredo – Sales Director


ELEKEIROZ S.A. is one of Brazil’s leading chemical companies, and a pioneer in the production of various chemical products in the country. Over the years, the company has been investing heavily to expand, update and automate its manufacturing units.

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Business challenge

As a key part of the company’s strategy for growth and consolidation of its Corporate Governance practices, Elekeiroz keeps a constant focus on the uptime of its critical systems and processes to ensure the minimization of the financial, operational and reputational impacts associated with an operational disruption.

Elekeiroz sought to implement a recovery plan that would lead to increased uptime for its main business-critical applications.


With our Colocation and Connectivity solutions, we are part of Elekeiroz’s Disaster Recovery Plan. The design consists of: a dedicated and redundant connection (L2L) between the environments where the data is replicated, Colocation – a space for hosting the equipment that supports Elekeiroz’s critical applications and the firewall and switches infrastructure needed to help Elekeiroz implement its recovery plan.


Elekeiroz has a disaster-ready redundant operation. Its critical systems are replicated to a data center that follows all the standards and certifications required by the industry. Ascenty is the chosen partner that meets 100% of recovery expectations.

According to Gartner, only 6% of companies are able to recover quickly from major disasters.


“We value fast and efficient service, we like to interact and learn from our partners. Ascenty brought these qualities with its services, and over these 5 years of partnership, we feel extremely confident in relying on its services. I recommend Ascenty for the quality they delivered, their after-sales staff and their support, accessibility and value generation. I am grateful for the differentiated service they have provided in all the projects we have done with them. I’m honored to be giving this testimonial.”

Tise Sonoda Fagundez – IT Coordinator


Gilson has extensive experience in the financial, administrative, human resources and IT areas. For the last 20 years, he has been ahead of the Administrative and Financial Management of important companies, such as Cumberland, subsidiary of the GSI Group, Inc – global leader in the poultry farming, pig farming, and grain drying and storage equipment segment -, where he played a key role in implementing the group’s Brazilian unit and coordinating a major acquisition within the segment, followed by Vivax SA, a broadband Internet and cable TV company controlled by Great Hill Partners, where he was involved in the 1999 startup process and led the Canbras acquisition process, the IPO process in 2006, and the sale to NET in 2007.He also led the IPO of Nutriplant SA, a company in the chemical industry, as well as the divestment process of Buscapé, a price comparison website also controlled by Great Hill Partners, in 2009.He has worked at Ascenty since the operational start-up in 2010.He has degree in business administrator with specialization in finance and strategic business management.


Felipe has worked in the data center sector since 1997. He participated in the design and development of several important Data Center projects from inception to deployment. Felipe has been responsible for large Data Center infrastructure operations, managing all critical environment maintenance and operating routines. Felipe graduated from the ORT university in his home country, Uruguay.

Marcos Siqueira | VP OF OPERATIONS

Marcos has extensive experience in Data Center and Telecom segments. Marcos joined Ascenty in 2012 and has held various management positions in his six years at the company. Prior to Ascenty and for 10 years, he worked in various management level positions at Level 3 in Sao Paulo. Marcos has experience in operations, product development, pre-sales and after-sales Teams. Marcos graduated from FIAP and has a MBA from INSPER.