Ascenty earns 100% carbon neutral certification for the second consecutive year

Industry pioneer in neutralizing carbon emissions, Latin America’s largest data center company achieves neutral carbon emissions for 2021 and attests to clean energy use

– Ascenty, leader in the Latin America Colocation market, with 28 proprietary data centers in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, announced that it has achieved “carbon neutral” status according to the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program for 2021 – its second consecutive year with this certification. Thus, every first semester, the company – a pioneer in neutralizing emissions since 2020 – meets the goal of offsetting 100% of the carbon emitted by its units in operation in the previous year.

“We will continue the Zero Carbon Program year after year, reaffirming our commitment to a corporate culture aligned with the positive global agenda for tackling climate change,” said Fabio Trimarco, Chief Compliance and Quality Officer at Ascenty. “In addition to being the industry pioneer in neutralizing all emissions since 2020, we became the first ISO 14001 certified data center in 2016, when no one really spoke about a corporate environmental management system,” he added.

Led by Ascenty’s Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) area, the GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions inventory report, with a quantitative and qualitative analysis, contemplates three scopes that cover the integrity of the direct and indirect environmental impact of the company’s activity.

Scope 1 assesses the company’s direct emissions originating from its own assets, such as cars and proprietary generators. Scope 2 measures indirect emissions resulting from the company’s inputs, originating entirely from the generation of electricity consumed by the company. And Scope 3 includes indirect emissions that are out of the company’s control, such as those resulting from downstream activities involving employees, partners and customers.

With a total of 70,880.28 tons of GHG emitted last year, Ascenty more than doubled its total emissions compared to 2020 (29,464.87 tons). Such rampant growth resulted from the company’s expansion, as it saw revenue grow 50% in 2020 and 32% in 2021.

In addition to opening two new data centers in 2021 – Hortolândia 4 and Rio de Janeiro 2 – Ascenty doubled the average annual energy consumption in its infrastructures, exceeding 500 GWh in the year. Meanwhile, internet traffic within its units grew 300%.

Of all emissions released in 2021, 96.5% were related to Scope 2 (68,430.98 tons) due to high electricity consumption levels, the most important input for the uninterrupted operation of Ascenty’s large world-class data centers. The second emission source are fugitive emissions, scope 1 (3.28% of the total), caused by stationary combustion (generators), fleet vehicles, liquid effluents, air conditioning units, and other operation sources. And the third source, which are emissions from our contracts with third parties, such as shipping companies, business travel, and others (0.08% of the total), are Scope 3.

Click here to access and download Ascenty’s ESG report.

Clean energy and zero landfill

In addition to achieving zero emissions, Ascenty also ensures the use of clean energy and the environmentally correct disposal of its solid waste in all its operations and construction sites.

About 86% of the company’s entire consumption is clean energy, traded on the free market with incentives. But since in Brazil all of the input generated first goes into the energy grid before being redistributed, the iREC standard is an international requirement for the carbon emission report, and guarantees the traceability of renewable sources.

To ensure clean energy consumption, an input that accounts for almost 96% of Ascenty’s total emissions, the company integrates the iREC system (International REC Standard), certified that attests to the origin of energy from renewable sources.

For the other 4%, Ascenty has signed direct carbon offset agreements to encourage and enhance the production of clean energy, such as projects for the construction of small hydro, wind, solar and biomass power plants. In practice, however, 100% of the energy consumed by the company is clean energy.

As for solid waste, which includes all trash disposed of by the company’s 650 employees at its 19 operating units as well as debris from nine data center construction sites, Ascenty ensures that 99.27% of that total is sent to reuse and recycling centers. This is the Ascenty Zero Landfill project, which follows the best international practice as well as the guidelines established by the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) of reuse, composting, recycling, recovery, energy use, and other destinations permitted by the competent bodies.

About Ascenty

Ascenty, a Digital Realty and Brookfield company, is the largest connectivity and data center service provider in Latin America, currently managing 28 data centers in operation and/or construction in Brazil, Chile and Mexico, interconnected by 5,000 km of proprietary fiber-optic network. The company was established in 2010 and builds and operates world-class data centers serving the world’s largest cloud and technology providers, as well as other customers in the finance, retail, industrial, healthcare and service industries. To support its expansion, Ascenty relies on its shareholders – Brookfield Infrastructure Partners, a Canadian asset management company, and Digital Realty, the world’s largest data center company, with 290 units located in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia. To learn more about Ascenty, go to

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