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Peer-to-peer communication
with no intermediary.

Lan to Lan is Ascenty’s solution to connect your company’s different points (e.g. head office and branches) through a private network. All of that with complete control, security and performance.

With a high-performance dedicated fiber-optic network spanning across more than 4,500 kilometers, Ascenty guarantees availability, high capacity and direct connection with the top Cloud Providers in the market.

Lan to Lan: great for
your business

Ascenty’s Lan to Lan solution allows your staff to quickly and directly access the information they need to carry out their duties. The end result is a boost in productivity, easier strategic decision-making and a shorter response time.

Ascenty also offers professional support and assistance to set up the solution, featuring a dedicated and specialized team committed to delivering efficient and high-quality service to clients.

Proprietary fiber-optic network

Over 4,500 km of dedicated fiber-optic network ensures availability, high-capacity circuitry and direct connections to the market's main cloud providers;

Lan to Lan connection to Cloud providers

Ascenty is among the few companies in the country to provide Lan to Lan transmission connecting with the main Public Cloud providers.


Other features of the Lan to Lan solution

  • Low latency between connection points;
  • Aggressive availability SLA;
  • Communication and data transfer between Data Centers;
  • Interconnection and integration with top cloud providers and Internet Exchange Points;
  • Data transmission for CRM, ERP and management applications and systems;
  • Connection between remote services and interconnected web systems.
  • Traffic of different service extensions and protocols;
  • Secure and stable Internet access and data exchange;
  • Direct interconnection between your company’s head office and branches, even in remote locations.

Qualification and professionalism

  • Professional support to configure your structure.
  • Fast service delivery and activation.
  • A dedicated team of experts committed to our customers' success.
The multi-point solution to transmit
and share applications..

Every day, more and more companies are adopting Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS): this involves using a single network to handle and share data applications. Find out more about the Ascenty MPLS solution and enhance your strategic information transmissions with the speed your customers want and the security your business requires.

A secure, stable and
high-capacity network
backed by our SLA.

The Ascenty MPLS solution is an important tool that will help boost your competitiveness. This solution provides a high-capacity, lower latency and more secure point/multipoint network to transmit and share information across all connected endpoints. Application traffic is guaranteed by service-level agreements, going well beyond your company's physical and geographic boundaries.


Conectividade e agilidade

  • Low latency between connection points.
  • Aggressive SLA availability.
  • Fast service delivery and activation.
  • Fast information transmission, optimizing your employees' productivity and efficiency.
  • Streamlined communication infrastructure, avoiding the complexity of managing multiple networks.
  • Interconnectivity and integration between the main cloud providers and internet exchange points.
  • The network can quickly and easily adapt to your company's growth - in addition to expanding to new locales, backed by the Ascenty configuration services.

Security and control

  • Complete monitoring and proactive management of your network traffic.
  • Top priority for critical data processing, with intelligent features at your disposal.
  • Your users and customers share critical and private information using a highly reliable service backed by our service-level agreements.
  • There is greater flexibility to deploy new network applications and adapt to the constantly changing business environment. Using QOS services, your company also gains greater application visibility and control.
  • Create different traffic priority classes for applications.
  • MPLS network packet isolation resources guarantee data and network security against external threats.
Data sharing based
on your latency and
availability requirements.

Ascenty has the best Lan to Lan solutions in the market for companies that need to share information among networks without relying on the Internet. Ascenty offers the Clear Channel and DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) solutions depending on the company’s specific latency and availability needs.

The DWDM is a high-speed network solution with outstanding cost-to-benefit to enhance your company’s network interconnection capacity. In this solution, all data communications are carried out by the same fiber optic, offering flexibility for prompt expansion, if necessary.

Ascenty’s DWDM solution can interconnect all network points without using any middlemen. In addition, DWDM networks are fully redundant and provide low-latency connections, which allows transporting all file types and replicating data in a synchronized manner.

Flexible and direct interconnectivity,
even for remote locations.

The DWDM network solution customizes the interconnection between your company and other points (e.g. head office and branches) based on your specific business needs. This streamlines the decision-making process and allows responding faster to market demands.

And thanks to their scalability, DWDM networks can keep up with your business needs for years on end. Ascenty also guarantees secure and stable data exchange and Internet access, in addition to professional support to set up your company’s entire infrastructure.


Features of Ascenty’s DWDM solution

  • Low latency between connection points.
  • Aggressive availability SLA.
  • Communication and data transfer between Ascenty’s Data Centers and your company.
  • Data transmission for CRM, ERP and management applications and systems with low latency.
  • Higher availability for services that depend on other locations.
  • Traffic of different service extensions and protocols.

Security and professionalism

  • Security and stability during data exchanges and Internet access.
  • A private network offering greater security for your environment.
  • Professional infrastructure configuration support.
Speed and seamless connectivity
with our IP Bandwidth solution.

Even major carriers can face unpredictable service shutdowns. In an increasingly competitive market, even the shortest downtime can pose risks for your reputation, productivity and business. To avoid this, Ascenty offers its IP bandwidth solution.

Redundancy from several
carriers to ensure
business connectivity

With the IP bandwidth solution, several telecommunications carriers are integrated with Ascenty's robust physical structure. The main benefit of hiring this connectivity solution with redundant IP bandwidth is its high availability. If any of Ascenty's backbone carriers become unavailable, your data will be seamlessly transmitted by an alternate carrier. The Ascenty IP bandwidth solution ensures less damage is caused by connectivity interruptions, which increases your company's competitiveness.


Connectivity and Availability

  • High availability and lower latency.
  • Connection with no data transfer cap.
  • Stable Internet access with guaranteed operating capabilities.
  • Corporate IP backbone, ensuring greater access security and availability.
  • Multi-speed, high-quality network connection.
  • Scalable bandwidth consumption.

Excellence and professionalism

  • High-end routing equipment that supports several applications and protocols.
  • Your company has dedicated access with 100% guaranteed bandwidth.
  • Quick installation and customized support 24x7x365.
Your direct connection with the
Internet Exchange Points

Billions of people and thousands of companies share content through access providers on a daily basis. However, it is not always possible to establish a direct connection between them. In these cases, the best alternative is to use an interconnection system that directly connects companies to the main Internet Exchange Points around the world.

Many carriers exchange traffic to centralize information and enhance data interchange, ensuring a fast and secure connection to end users. PIX is as an interconnection point for this entire structure.

Fast and secure access to the information you need

After acquiring an IX (Internet Exchange) connection in Ascenty’s PIX (IX Interconnection Point), your company will have a direct connection to the networks of the main Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and companies with AS (Autonomous System), facilitating the exchange and traffic of information.

Ascenty’s connection to the IX delivers connectivity services throughout the São Paulo Metropolitan Area (Greater São Paulo area) and Fortaleza.

The IX provides key competitive edges for your company, such as higher connection speed between providers and lower bandwidth use, since exchanges are performed on site.


We are PIX in:

São Paulo São Paulo
Campinas Campinas
Fortaleza Fortaleza

Savings and Efficiency

  • Lower costs with telecommunication infrastructure and data franchises with carriers.
  • Higher direct connection speed between multiple carriers.
  • Lower latency in carrier traffic exchange.


  • Direct and independent connections with the main ISPs.
  • Data links with multiple speeds, directly connected to the main carriers via Internet Exchange Points.
  • Quality connection between companies.
  • Direct and high-quality and connection independently from commercial providers.
  • State interconnection product.

Flexibility and Convenience

  • Simple and fast traffic between multiple carriers.
  • Fast traffic acquisition with no need to install equipment.
  • “Local-metropolitan” traffic exchange.

Excellence and Control

  • 100% fiber-optic technology.
  • Autonomous system.
  • Best-path traffic control.
  • Greater network control related to incoming traffic
Interconnecting your IT environment
with resources and benefits.

Ascenty’s Cross Connect solution enables a direct connection between different environments within a Data Center, guaranteeing superior performance for your corporate network.

Cross Connect links you to other service providers hosted in the Data Center, telecom carriers and/or cloud computing providers directly in your IT environment. This translates into several benefits regarding overall costs and connection redundancy.

In addition, middleman-free equipment integration and cabling within the Data Center provide even more benefits such as higher reliability, enhanced performance and low latency in a fully controlled environment.

Your direct connection to several

Ascenty develops state-of-the-art services to deliver the very best solutions to its clients. For example, the Cross Connect solution uses UTP and fiber cables to enhance network interconnection flexibility.


Professional services delivered with excellence

  • Privacy and reliability.
  • High performance and low latency.
  • Security in a controlled environment.
  • High Service Level Agreement (SLA) availability.

Flexible solution

  • Support for hybrid environments.
  • Connection with different carriers and multiple environments. Standard connection between environments (carrier room and corporate environment).


  • Connect with carriers and multiple environments.
  • Standardized connection across environments (operator room and your company's environment).
  • Internal connection availability (equipment and cabling).

Would you like to know more about how the Cross Connect solution can help your business? Contact us and schedule a meeting right away.

With Ascenty's infrastructure
your ability to connect
goes even further.

Telecommunication services are restricted in some regions that are more difficult to access. With these cases in mind, Ascenty’s Last Mile solution was designed to allow carrier services to reach future customers still not covered in their networks.

Broaden your clientele

As the name itself suggests, this solution delivers the “last mile” of connection to clients through a highly qualified sales team focused on carriers.

This provides a huge competitive edge to carriers, ensuring they can tap into the full potential of infrastructure resources backed by the renowned quality of Ascenty’s services. All of these benefits come with zero red tape and infrastructure investments, cutting down costs and boosting network scalability as needed.


Features of the Last Mile solution

  • 4,500 km of 100% dedicated and recently built fiber-optic network.
  • Guaranteed suitability with no need for adaptations or converters.
  • Interconnection with ISPs.
  • Quality connections.
  • Wide range of speed settings.
  • Service stability.
  • Broader reach.
  • Multiple availability and engagement options.

Excellence and professionalism

  • Quick deployment and upgrades, always supported by a highly qualified staff.
  • Easy configuration and possibility of contracting multiple ISPs.
  • Streamlined data traffic with optimized packages and protocols.