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Solid connectivity went from being merely a competitive edge to an absolute necessity. It provides multiple benefits to the business, such as time optimization, lower costs and an enhanced work routine overall. Nowadays, no corporate strategy can survive without effective network connectivity.

Connectivity has become crucial for any organization, no matter how big or small, because of the massive volume of data processed. While all of these corporate data must be readily available to stakeholders, they must also be constantly protected against potential attacks, for example. This means always keeping a close eye on data!

Highlights in numbers

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Ascenty offers a range of network services designed and deployed to ensure efficient connectivity, in addition to making your company more flexible.

Our solutions streamline escalation throughout the company based on your specific needs, quickly adapting to new technological innovations emerging in the market.

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Lan to Lan
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Last Mile
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Cross Connect
Data Centers that adapt to your business

Ascenty’s carrier-neutral Data Centers allow you to use your own network or choose a carrier that best meets your needs. Since our Data Centers are not restricted to any specific Telecom carrier or provider, your company is free to choose from a wide range of different services at your disposal. This translates into complete versatility to meet your business needs.

In addition, we can take care of your entire network to make sure it’s always fast, stable and secure. This ensures efficient and secure access to the information you need. Professionalism and infrastructure quality

Ascenty delivers unmatched professionalism and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our certified team is always at your service. We guarantee the security you need for your company’s connectivity, as well as access resilience and availability.

In-depth traffic analysis to boost DDoS protection.

Using high performance and availability connections, Ascenty has always-on and flexible solutions to meet your company's connectivity needs. All of this is possible for two reasons:

First, because all of Ascenty's Data Centers are carrier-neutral. This means you can use our dedicated network or choose your own provider. Second, because Ascenty has more than 4,500 km of dedicated fiber-optic network spread across all major cities in the Brazilian states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and the Fortaleza metro region. This structure connects our Data Centers and provides several other strategic connections with:

Data Centers da Grande São Paulo
Data Centers in the
Greater São Paulo area
Operadoras de telecom em diversos locais do País
Telecom Carriers
across the country
Pontos de Troca de Tráfego (PTTs)
Internet exchange
points (IXP)

Features of Ascenty’s connectivity services

  • Maximum availability within Ascenty’s network to ensure a steady flow of voice, data and other multimedia communications.
  • High-quality, dedicated fiber-optic network spanning across more than 4,500 kilometers, recently built and distributed across strategic regions of Brazil, including São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the Fortaleza region.
  • Metropolitan network topology and ring backbone ensure superior reliability.
  • Automatic and high-precision system to monitor and quickly recover from eventual interruptions.
  • Dedicated technical support and maintenance staff strategically located throughout the country.

High capacity and low latency

  • Leading Brazilian company in Data Center infrastructure, as well as availability and quality assurance in connectivity solutions.
  • Ascenty’s distributed network strategy enables circuits with low latency and high capacity.
  • Corporate support with escalation structure climbing all the way up to the executive team.

Fast installation and support

  • Contracted services are installed over a custom schedule.
  • An escalation list with all management-access levels ensures flexible support for your company.
Carrier-neutral Data Centers:
what's the upside?

Ascenty's Data Centers are not bound by a single telecom carrier or other service providers. This is great for your company, since you won't be limited to a single service option or a small list of connectivity choices.

At Ascenty's Data Centers, you can connect to multiple carriers: it's always your choice. This supplier diversity promotes competitiveness, which translates into gains in redundancy, ideal uptime levels, and value for your money.