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Chris Torto
Chris Torto CEO

Chris is a U.S. citizen permanently residing in Brazil since 1989.He was the founder and CEO of Vivax, the second largest cable TV carrier in Brazil, that he started in 1995.He led Vivax's IPO in 2006 on the Bovespa stock exchange, and the company was later acquired by NET Serviços in 2007.Chris was also the CEO of Voyager Inc., an Internet company that went public in 1999 on the NASDAQ stock exchange (acquired by a U.S. telecom group in 2000).Chris holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Maine and an MBA from Harvard University.

Gilson Granzier
Gilson Granzier VP of Administration

Gilson has extensive experience in the financial, administrative, human resources and IT areas. For the last 20 years, he has been ahead of the Administrative and Financial Management of important companies, such as Cumberland, subsidiary of the GSI Group, Inc - global leader in the poultry farming, pig farming, and grain drying and storage equipment segment -, where he played a key role in implementing the group's Brazilian unit and coordinating a major acquisition within the segment, followed by Vivax SA, a broadband Internet and cable TV company controlled by Great Hill Partners, where he was involved in the 1999 startup process and led the Canbras acquisition process, the IPO process in 2006, and the sale to NET in 2007.He also led the IPO of Nutriplant SA, a company in the chemical industry, as well as the divestment process of Buscapé, a price comparison website also controlled by Great Hill Partners, in 2009.He has worked at Ascenty since the operational start-up in 2010.He has degree in business administrator with specialization in finance and strategic business management.

Roberto Rio Branco
Roberto Rio Branco VP of Marketing and Institutional Relations

Roberto has extensive experience in marketing, sales and operations. He worked as Sales Director of Vivax for four years, and previously worked as the COO of cable television company TVA. Roberto also held several management positions at Mesbla, Bank of Boston, and Citibank. Roberto holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Faculdade Moraes Jr/ Mackenzie, with several professional courses in Brazil and abroad. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of NEOTV (Independent Paid Telecommunication Carriers' Association), as well as Officer and Member of the Board of Directors of TELCOMP (Brazilian Association of Competitive Telecommunication Service Providers).

Felipe Caballero
Felipe Caballero VP of DC Design, Engineering and Construction

Felipe has worked in the data center sector since 1997. He participated in the design and development of several important Data Center projects from inception to deployment. Felipe has been responsible for large Data Center infrastructure operations, managing all critical environment maintenance and operating routines. Felipe graduated from the ORT university in his home country, Uruguay.

Pablo Campagnac
Pablo Campagnac VP of Business Development

Pablo started his career working in the financial markets. He has extensive work experience in both sales and operational activities. In the last 15 years, he participated in Vivax' start-up operation until its acquisition by NET Serviços, in 2007, and was part of Ascenty's start-up efforts. Currently, Pablo manages the sales and sales engineering organization. Pablo holds a bachelor's degree in economics and an MBA from Boston University.

Marcos Siqueira
Marcos Siqueira VP of Operations

Marcos has extensive experience in Data Center and Telecom segments. Marcos joined Ascenty in 2012 and has held various management positions in his six years at the company. Prior to Ascenty and for 10 years, he worked in various management level positions at Level 3 in Sao Paulo. Marcos has experience in operations, product development, pre-sales and after-sales Teams. Marcos graduated from FIAP and has a MBA from INSPER.

André Neris
André Neris VP of Finance

Neris has over 30 years of experience in Financial, Accounting and Administrative area, working in several domestic and international companies. Neris was for many years Auditor of Coopers and Lybrand and later acted in MSI / Marconi Telecommunications, Cummins Filtration, Symantec Software and BuscaPé. He was the first CFO of Multiplus Fidelidade Capital Stock, carrying out operations such as contracting R$ 600 million in Hedge/Accounting and structuring the company after spin-off with a TAM. Later, Neris was the CFO of Holding Sforza, which controlled the Multi language group (Skil, Yazigi, Microlins, SOS, Wizard). He also worked in Vale Presente and participated in the entire process of selling Pearson British Multi Group in an operation of R$ 1.7 billion. Prior to joining Ascenty, he was Chief Financial Officer of Private Equity 2 + Capital of Grupo Boticário, coordinating the participation of Scalina (Trifill), CIATC (Pizzaria Braz, Piraja, ICI and Lanchonete da Cidade), Frajo Cosméticos and others. André holds a bachelor's degree in Accounting with a post-graduate degree in Business Management from FGV and an extension from the University of California Irvine.

Martin Antunez
Martin Antunez VP Business Development LATAM

Martin holds over 20 years of experience in the technology/telecommunications industry and holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago among other industry certifications and recognitions.
Previously, with Digital Realty, Martin participated in the design, construction, commissioning, operation and sales process of over 200 MW of UPS capacity on over 90 data center projects throughout the United States, Madrid and Mexico City. In these projects Martin participated and observed the credential certifications such as; LEED Platinum & Gold, UPTIME TIER III & IV, and ICREA IV.
In addition, Martin as the VP of Sales for HEIT Consulting lead a team that designed and delivered VoIP, Security and Compliance solutions for the financial services industry. Martin was also a senior manager in several organizations within SBC Communications (prior to AT&T merger) leading technical sale teams delivering complex WAN/LAN solutions to Fortune 500 and Enterprise customers in Silicon Valley.

Sergio Abela
Sérgio Abela Director of Data Center Operations

Abela has worked in the Telecom Infrastructure segment since 1997. He started off working at PROMON, helping implement fixed telephony centers and hubs for Netstream. He also worked in TIVIT’s Data Center startup, where he climbed from Infrastructure Engineer to Senior Infrastructure Executive. He was responsible for managing and operating all of the company’s Data Centers, offices and warehouses.
Abela has a degree in Civil Engineering from USP’s Escola Politécnica.

Alexandre Demarchi
Alexandre Demarchi Engineering and construction director

Alexandre has over 20 years of experience in the implementation of large projects and works, working directly in Telecommunications Infrastructure and Electrical Engineering. Prior to starting his activities at Ascenty, he worked for 10 years as a team leader of engineers and designers for major industrial projects such as refineries, petrochemical hubs and oil refining and storage platforms (FPSO) for Petrobrás and mining plants for Vale. Alexandre is Electrical Engineer with specialization in Electronics and Electrotechnology from the Paulista University and the Polytechnic School of USP.

Rodrigo Radaieski
Rodrigo Radaieski Services Executive Manager

With more than 20 years of experience in the Internet and Data Center market, Radaieski has been active in these segments since they emerged in Brazil. With a solid career as a manager in IT areas focused on providing services, Radaieski presents solid knowledge of the technology market. At Ascenty he is responsible for the Service Delivery teams (Projects, NOC and Smart Hands), Networking and IT.

Demitrius Tancler
Demitrius Tancler Security Executive Manager

I have worked in the field of Infrastructure and Data Center since 1991, and have completed several specialization courses in Electric Systems, Structured Cabling and Infrastructure for critical areas, coordinating and managing CCTV and ACS systems, data, electrical distribution and fiber optics networks for large Data Centers for more than 12 years. I actively participated in the design, installation and commissioning of several Data Centers and highly critical environments for the energy industry (oil and gas).

Vinícius Minetto
Vinícius Minetto Executive Manager, Sales

Vinícius has extensive experience in the Data Center and Telecommunications market, where he has worked for over 15 years. He has held positions at major players in the Brazilian market, and joined Ascenty in 2012 to strengthen the sales team. He has an undergraduate and a graduate degree from FATEC with an MBA in Sales Management from FGV (Getúlio Vargas Foundation). At Ascenty, he is responsible for the Sales, Solutions Architecture, and Products teams.

Fábio Matos
Fábio Matos Executive Manager of Data Center Operations

Electrical engineer with a degree from Universidade Paulista and 20 years of experience in the electrical and automation industry. Matos has been in the Data Center business since 2008, helping operate and expand IBM’s Data Center in Hortolândia along with the company Manserv, leading critical operations and maintenance teams and supporting critical system deployment activities.
He joined Ascenty in 2013 to spearhead operations at the Data Center in Jundiaí – Ascenty’s first in high density – and currently manages the operations of all of the company’s Data Centers.