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Your company needs space.
Your data requires security.
Here you can find both.

The ever-increasing amount of information and data stored by businesses, it is imperative for features like data management infrastructure, availability and efficiency to able to keep up with this trend.

However, not all companies have enough physical space to expand their infrastructure as their business needs evolve. Our Colocation service solves this problem. In this IT solution, we rent out all of the space and infrastructure you need to keep expanding at a low cost.

In addition, Ascenty is a national benchmark when it comes to infrastructure. We provide efficient connectivity solutions that adapt to technological evolution trends in your company and in the market, based on versatility, performance, availability and superior operational reliability.

Imagem homem trabalhando
Benefits of Ascenty’s Colocation:
Imagem Disponibilidade e segurança

Availability and security:

Data centers with world-class infrastructure.

Imagem Escalabilidade on-demand

On-demand scalability:

Attention and support to your company’s growth through tailored solutions and strategically located Data Centers.

Imagem Recursos estratégicos

Strategic Resources:

Guaranteed connectivity with the main traffic points and cloud providers worldwide.

Imagem Capacidade técnica

Technical capacity:

Specialized team in installing management for your infrastructure.

Contracting options

Ascenty offers two Colocation contracting options for your company: Wholesale and Retail.

Find out which one best suits your business needs.

Wholesale - Dedicated areas

Your company can access high-availability Colocation solutions, based on the Tier III international standard and tailored to your business, offering high-density cooled racks with guaranteed stability and 100% availability, within the infrastructure hosting your critical operations.

Cages: At Ascenty, your racks are placed on a private and gated area within the data hall, with biometric access control and CCTV surveillance.

Suites: This modality includes a private room for your company’s racks, offering an exclusive Data Center within Ascenty’s infrastructure, with restricted access and complete peace of mind when it comes to power, air conditioning and security.

Dedicated Data Hall: This modality offers a complete data hall for your company within Ascenty’s Data Center, featuring Tier III international standard infrastructure and a dedicated IT team, freeing up your staff to focus only on your business.

Dedicated Data Center: Ascenty also offers a complete Data Center contracting modality, featuring an infrastructure entirely developed and managed by Ascenty to guarantee optimal performance and security for your company.


Ascenty’s wide range of Colocation solutions allows your company to rely on a certified, scalable and secure infrastructure tailored to your specific space and power parameters. Our specialized team is always ready to identify the solutions that best suit your IT and data protection needs.

Your IT equipment needs
some TLC. Ascenty provides
the support they deserve.

Smart Hands is a service designed to provide specialized technical support in case of emergencies at your company’s Data Center infrastructure. This solution is available 24/7/365!

Imagem Smart Hands
Benefits of Ascenty’s Smart Hands services for your company:
Imagem Equipe técnica especializada

Specialized technical staff

Highly trained professionals to quickly and efficiently meet your company’s needs.

Imagem Day by Day expertise

Day by Day expertise

Insight into the main day-to-day technical demands of your business.

Imagem Domínio total

Total domain

Knowledge of qualified information regarding all of the equipment and services in racks and systems.

Imagem Foco total no core business

Complete focus on the core business:

Your company can focus 100% on what it does best.

Imagem Segurança e desempenho

Security and performance:

In addition to the world-class infrastructure to mitigate equipment failure risks, Ascenty offers all the support your company needs and whenever you need it.

Imagem Smart Hands
Choose the best option for your company

Ascenty offers two options under the Smart Hands solution, covering the scope and performance of services in the Data Center and supporting clients with strategic decision-making within the Colocation environment, always focusing on the availability and health of the environment.

  • Connect/disconnect energy or network cables.
  • Turn your physical equipment on/off (button or switch).
  • Visually verify equipment, leds, tags or cabling.
  • Insert/remove LTO tape in tape library equipment.
  • Switch external hot swappable cards, such as power sources or fans.
  • Execute preset scripts or logical commands.
  • Evaluate operating system LOGs.
  • Configure preset parameters specified by the client.
  • Implement troubleshooting procedures defined by the client.
  • Reinstall operating systems subject to issuing a procedural request.

Would you like to know more about the Smart Hands services? Contact our team to get all the help you need.

Your business doesn't stop,
that is why space at Ascenty
is always available in critical situations.

Extreme real-world problems, such as fires or floods, are much more common than we imagine. This is why we need to be well-prepared in such an event or your business could suffer irreversible damage.

To support your business at times like these, Ascenty offers its Work Area solution: an office within an Ascenty Data Center connected to your business, meeting specific demands and functioning as a fixed and dedicated professional workspace. This way, if your own workspace is affected, employees in strategic roles can keep on working.

Imagem work areas
Benefits you find here with the services of Work Areas:
Imagem Capacidade de operação

Operating capacity:

Because your business can't stop.

Imagem Estrutura completa

Full structure:

Strategically distributed workstations with exclusive access to your Ascenty-hosted environment.

Imagem Segurança


All of Ascenty's renowned availability and security in your working environment.

Choose your contract

Choose one of the three Ascenty Work Areas formats. Check out which solution is the best fit for your company.

  • To exfil your team on a full-time basis: 24x7x365
  • If you can't wait and need business continuity at critical times.
  • If you need business continuity at critical times.
Experience and leadership transformed
into Data Center deployment.

Ascenty’s unmatched know-how is backed by the company’s 17 world-class data centers in operation. We offer specialized support to install or migrate IT environments, covering everything from planning to deployment with peerless efficiency. In addition, Ascenty is always guided by best practices and uses the latest equipment available in the market.

Complete support in Deployment Solutions

Ascenty strictly follows all layout, cabling, security and power density specifications, covering all demands in the following items:

  • Colocation environment layout;
  • Cage design;
  • Network and connectivity requirements;
  • Interconnection of hybrid environments;
  • Cooling optimization;
  • Surveillance;
  • Security.

Imagem soluções de implementação
Imagem soluções de implementação
Benefits you find here with Deployment Services:
Imagem Facilidade

Convenience: All strategies developed by Ascenty in IT projects are aligned to best market practices, streamlining all deployment and operation processes.

Imagem Controle

Control: Guided by a standardized methodology and comprehensive follow-up, Ascenty is always in control of the progress of deployment projects at your company. In addition, project completion is optimized and always based on documentation support.

Imagem Excelência

Excellence: Ascenty provides direct connection with the top cloud providers worldwide, either for deployment in data centers or for interconnection and connectivity, guaranteeing excellence in connection quality.

Imagem Otimização

Optimization: Your company will have access to optimized practices in deployment project development to avoid delays, rework and additional costs.

Imagem Personalização

Customization: Ascenty meets your specific business needs regarding physical security and power consumption.

Would you like to know more about Ascenty’s Deployment Solutions? Contact us and schedule a meeting right away.

The best infrastructure
to face the worst
case scenario

We realize that the information world is inherently fast and dynamic. Taking too long to find solutions to ensure business continuity might lead to much more than just lost time; it can mean loss of revenue, sales, contracts, business opportunities and even the customer’s trust.

Even the shortest interruption in an efficient data flow can lead to all of these problems. In other words, your company needs an efficient and 100% available infrastructure to ensure business continuity, even when facing critical situations.

Ascenty works so your business never stops

That is why Ascenty’s Disaster Recovery plan is so important for your business. It ensures IT operation during critical situations to secure business continuity with complete autonomy.

Our services encompass a set of policies and procedures to fully recover your company’s entire technology infrastructure. The goal is to eliminate issues caused by natural disasters, equipment problems, operational errors, lack of connectivity and hacker attacks.

Imagem Disater Recovery
Imagem Disater Recovery
Benefits of Ascenty’s Disaster Recovery services:
Imagem Facilidade

World-class infrastructure, with interconnected and strategically distributed Data Centers.

Imagem Controle

Disaster Recovery projects with the quality, flexibility and security that your company needs.

Imagem Excelência

Dedicated fiber-optic network spanning across more than 4,500 kilometers, connecting all key points and ensuring business continuity for your company at all times.

Imagem Otimização

High Capacity and Availability
Ascenty’s network guarantees superior performance and data replication, not to mention the lowest latency and highest SLA in the Brazilian market.

Imagem Personalização

High technology
Lowest latency and highest availability SLA on the market.

Your business and your
company’s image must be protected against cyberattacks.

DDoS cyberattacks can severely affect your business and shut down your entire operation.

Even if there is only a short period of time with lost connection to your clients or business partners, the impact to your company can be catastrophic.

Ascenty developed the Anti-DDoS solution to tackle this problem in the market.

What is a DDoS attack?

A DDoS is a distributed denial of service attack in which multiple computers are used to take down a network. The DDoS overloads the entire network and prevents users from accessing the resources they need, often making the network extremely slow and unresponsive.

Ascenty’s Anti-DDoS solution: how it works

Ascenty’s Anti-DDoS solution works in cooperation with a flow sensor (NetFlow, sFlow or jFlow) or a package sensor (for in-line servers, port mirroring or network TAPs). DDoS protection is ensured by sophisticated scanning algorithms that detect and identify malicious traffic in a granular manner.

Through this approach, the Anti-DDoS solution scans through traffic intelligently, without affecting your company’s network performance or the user experience.

Imagem Anti DDoS
Imagem Anti DDoS
Benefits of Ascenty’s Anti-DDoS solution for your company:
Imagem Disponibilidade

Availability Ascenty guarantees the availability of your corporate data even during eventual DDoS attacks.

Imagem Flexibilidade

Flexibility The capacity to mitigate and clean up traffic can be higher than the IP band capacity allocated to your company (based on the maximum contracted speed).

Imagem Versatilidade

Versatility The Anti-DDoS solution was designed to protect your company’s network against the main threats – DNS, VoiP, email and similar services, in addition to unauthorized traffic, which mainly responsible for network overload.