Lan to Lan

Your company in direct connection
with what you need.

End-to-end communication No middlemen.

Lan to Lan is Ascenty’s solution to connect your company’s different points (e.g. head office and branches) through a private network. All of that with complete control, security and performance.

With a high-performance dedicated fiber-optic network spanning across more than 5,000 kilometers, Ascenty guarantees availability, high capacity and direct connection with the top Cloud Providers in the market.

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Lan to Lan Ascenty
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Direct and immediate access for quick decisions

Ascenty’s Lan to Lan solution allows your staff to quickly and directly access the information they need to carry out their duties. The end result is a boost in productivity, easier strategic decision-making and a shorter response time.

Ascenty also offers professional support and assistance to set up the solution, featuring a dedicated and specialized team committed to delivering efficient and high-quality service to clients.

Dedicated fiber-optic network

Spanning across more than 5,000 kilometers, Ascenty’s network features high-capacity circuits and direct connection to the top cloud providers in the market.

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Lan to Lan Connection with Public Clouds

Ascenty is one of few companies in Brazil to offer Lan-to-Lan transmission in connections with the top Public Cloud providers in the market.

Integration and Connectivity:

  • Aggressive availability SLA
  • Communication and data transfer between Data Centers
  • Interconnection and integration with top cloud providers and Internet Exchange Points.
  • Data transmission for CRM, ERP and management applications and systems.
  • Connection between remote services and interconnected web systems.

Secure Connection:

  • Traffic of different service extensions and protocols.
  • Secure and stable Internet access and data exchange.
  • Direct interconnection between your company’s head office and branches, even in remote locations.

Qualification and Professionalism:

  • Professional support to set up the structure.
  • Efficient service delivery and enablement.
  • Dedicated and seasoned team committed to the client.

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